Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Resume writing tips

There are hundreds of people that send out their resume every hour, so how can you make yours stand out from the manager’s pile?

Use the standard font, who would take a funny font seriously, or who would font that could hurt your eyes. Fonts such as Times New Roman and Georgia are your best bets for making it readable, as well as a 10- to 12-point size. Don’t try to impress them with overwhelming fonts, HR reps just wants a resume they can read and that captures the skill sets they are looking for. Arial and Tahoma are also accepted. Using other font can make your resume looking sloppy, disorganized, crowded and informal. If applying as a creative position such a graphic design, your resume is expected to be creative.

Keep important points at the top, most hiring manager are scanning your resume quickly and may concentrate mainly on the top half. Emphasize your most significant skills and experience first and then work your way down to other relevant information. The following resume subheadings could be included: Contact Info, Summary of Core Qualifications, Relevant Work Experience, Relevant Volunteer and Other Experience, Education and Honors & Awards.

Remember that resume also speaks about your personality as well as it showcase your experience and skills so do not be stiff and show them what you got. Speak with confidence and ease when describing your accomplishments. A boring document is uninteresting, try to come across as friendly and open, professional but personable, and super-knowledgeable in your field to add depth.

Clean up your resume regularly, if you can make it a page, better. Make sure that there are no grammatical and typo errors. A single error could make your resume sit in the trash. Review your resume regularly to make sure to make changes on the updates needed. Outdated resume can take away your chances of getting hired. Sending in a clean resume that gets straight to the point will be your best bet at landing the interview because like said earlier, they only scan a quick look and a clean resume is a big plus.