Thursday, 11 July 2013

About Us

What is Westhill Consulting & Employment?
Westhill Consulting & Employment is world's largest free online jobs website. The website is funded by UK government until it expanded and now almost every country is being served by Westhill Consulting & Employment. Westhill Consulting & Employment is a free service to assist job seekers into employment and connect employers with quality staff.

Job Services providers of various countries and public employers upload their job vacancies to Westhill Consulting & Employment and search for potentially suitable staff.

Job seekers can search for jobs via the map on the homepage by choosing their, country, state, local area and occupation category. The advanced search function includes more detail in searching criteria.
Everyone is welcome to use Westhill Consulting & Employment to search for vacancies. It's free to register and take advantage of the complete range of services.

Vacancies displayed on Westhill Consulting & Employment come from many different sources.

Our vision
To teach the world of money literacy by making the people realize the importance of work.

Our mission
Westhill Consulting & Employment's is to empower employment. We are determined to systematize the entire world's human capital data and make it meaningful for the society.

Our strategic goal
An exceptional careers organization efficiently connecting education and training with employment.

For job seekers
Westhill Consulting & Employment has a range of features to help you search for a job, including:
-Free registration for all people who are seeking work
-Jobs across all industries and regions of all the countries who are a member of Westhill Consulting & Employment 
-You can create your own personal page, where you can create a job match profile, upload your resume and use our instant job list to find jobs based on your skills and experience
-You can find links to employment assistance and information for all job seekers. For employers

Westhill Consulting & Employment has many features that could help you find the right person for your job, including:
-the facility to search for staff based on criteria in your advertisement using our find staff feature
-high visibility of your jobs
-a secure personal page to manage your advertised jobs or view past jobs