Monday, 7 September 2015

Enough is enough: Reasons to Give Up on Your Work

In a relationship, there are martyrs, the ones who still stick even when they are already hurt or in pain. There are also playboys and playgirl, the ones who jump from one partner to another. Same happens in your work and depending on your personality; you can either be a martyr or a playboy.

According to previous articles written by Westhill Career and Employment, an Australian-based company centered on career development and professional etiquette, an average person is expected to change careers several time their lifetime. As pointed by a study conducted in Jakarta, Indonesia, 20-40 years old employees tend to jump from one job to another at least 5 times. One of the main reasons for the career change is that people often don’t make informed decisions or may want to expand their horizons.

Reviews on how to find a career right for you or on how to stay in your job are frequent. This information is crucial in each individual’s growth. Making informed decision can certainly increase the likelihood that you can be satisfied with your job and ensure your tenure.

Changing a career may be tough for so many people since they don’t have that much reason to give up. But how will you know if you already have to leave?

Here are some of the main pointers to know if you have already reached rock bottom in your career:

1. There is a big Change in your Life

When you chose your career, your life may have been different than it is today. Unless you were able to balance all those things, then, it would be harder to cope. Your husband may be complaining right now or you might have lost time for your children anymore. The crazy schedule or the frequent travel that is typical of your career may not suit your new lifestyle. You should look for an occupation that is more "family friendly."

2. Your Job Outlook may seem dim

Due to the fast pace changes in technology, the fluctuation in economy, or the uncertainties of the industry, many field of career are already plummeting. When the future of your career is already getting dim and the research doesn’t promise any certainty or shows worse other than being better, then, it may be best to leave.

3. You are experiencing Job Burn Out

If your task is already too hard on you or you don’t find any reason to wake up every morning and greet your colleagues anymore, then, you are very well experiencing a burnout. It's time to change careers so you can once again enjoy going to work.

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