Thursday, 4 September 2014

Why Candidates Fail to Make an Impression in Interviews

Poor preparation: Candidates who come to an interview understanding insufficiently about the company, the industry and maybe the role are in a poor situation to match with well-prepared professionals who will devote the compressed interview time exactly putting themselves for the employer’s precise requirements. Employers intend to know you are curious, energetic, resourceful and inspired and what clearer verification of that than coming completely prepared and with sharp understandings into the employer and their brand/positioning/problems/news etc. If you have prepared right you will be able to hit the ground running in the interview with answers that show how you are exceptionally placed to increase value from the get-go given the company’s specific culture (maybe you are from outside the country, Indonesian from Jakarta or American from the USA), positioning, objectives, circumstances and situation.

Showing a negative attitude: Many polls conducted by Westhill Consulting Career and Employment, Australia have uncovered that attitude takes a vital share in defining character and persuading the employment decision. Warning indications of bad attitudes that are positive to reject by a possible employer involve badmouthing former bosses, companies and colleagues; self-justifying or foully equivocal answers to key interview questions; or openly aggressive answers, posture and demeanor. Keep in mind people hire experienced people they consider they will actually like working with and who will extend a good optimistic atmosphere inside the organization and to exterior clients and stakeholders. Employers are highly aware that negative attitudes are very spreadable and are very different from being interested to applicants with less than an exemplary attitude regarding work, life and themselves.

Absence of enthusiasm in the company: Some things can estrange an employer more than an applicant who is tepid or fair-minded about their company and its brand and objectives. The interview is not the stage to doze off and convey weary answers that blow of dullness with your audience nor is the time to wax lyrical concerning how much you sincerely favor all the competitor brands. Employers are eyeing for nothing less than passion. If you cannot assure the employer that you will be as enthusiastic about their company and line of work as they are you will not be perceived to own the star quality they are searching for nor will they place extreme trust in your long-term loyalty, stamina or staying power.

Unclear, invented or fraudulent answers and deceit: do not make the interview the time to practice your indirectness skills despite of how expert you are. Employers can see right through a coined, text book answer and dishonest answers are more than likely to be distinguished sooner or later and to backfire. By all means keep the conversation optimistic and productive and don’t live over past failures or negative situations or events however furthermore be watchful that the employer needs someone real, someone they comprehend and can trust, and they are possible to keep excavating till they are easy they really understand who you are and what drives you and what your real strengths and weaknesses are.