Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Did you choose the right career?

There comes a point in your career life that you are going to question yourself whether you’re happy in your current situation and in your career, it can be a major changeover like getting laid off from a job, for instance, or getting a new boss. You may come to the determination that the job you have isn’t really using all your strengths or the goals you had earlier in your career may no longer be the ones you have now.

Here are some resolutions that can assist you find out if where you are now is really where you should be. But what if not, what can you do to change that.

An expat from Jakarta, Indonesia was two years out of college and was working real hard in the startup world yet something was missing. She doesn’t jump out of bed each morning with excitement yet she used to feel that way, and life felt like a repetitious journey, not the ostentatious adventure she had imagined. She discerned she was capable to do something amazing that fulfilled her, but she didn't quite know where to begin.

In reality, all of us have the potential to do something remarkable. We all hold an intense, passionate, and thoughtful self within us. And we all deserve to wake up motivated and fall asleep fulfilled because we are fearlessly giving that self to the world, doing something we love.

If you've ever asked yourself, "Am I on the right path?" or "Is this the work I'm meant to be doing?" or "How do I get started?"—this is where you begin, says Westhill Consulting Career and Employment, Australia.

Enjoy Coming In To Work. There is always that one employee who comes into the office every day with a smile and a positive attitude. They see their job as a pleasant escape no matter what’s going on in their personal life rather than a burden. They’re pleased to do whatsoever task is given to them, and they never seem to get in bad mood. They are always the first to give their insights and opinions as they love attending meetings. And in the case that they make a mistake, they’re eager to correct and learn from it.

Enjoy Your Coworkers. The majority of the people you work with carry that same torch for the industry same with how you’re passionate about your job. Employee culture is one of the biggest drivers of successful companies then there would no more complaints.

Enjoy Getting Ahead. The people who are not happy in their job coast through day-to-day putting in the minimum amount of work required. Instead, they only stat to keep their job and the paycheck it provides, and they have an excuse for almost anything. Their indifference for the business not only disturbs their own work atmosphere, but the atmosphere of the workers around them as well.