Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Students Entering Oil And Gas Careers Going Green

The opportunities available in the workforce are becoming greener along with the world rapidly becoming a greener place as well the level of individual actions.

While we are learning more about the relationship between consumption and the environment, corporations and individuals are also putting a greater significance on environmental responsibility and energy alternatives.

Despite its established position in the business of conventional energy sources, the oil and gas industry is not exempted from this rule.

If you are passionate about the environment and alternative energy then the petroleum industry might just be perfect for you. Westhill Consulting Career and Employment, Australia gives out the following reasons why this industry might just be perfect.

Engaging in dialogue 
Petroleum corporations today is aware that the public has active and legitimate concerns about the consequences of petroleum exploration.

The industry came together, in 2009, with the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) to form a program called Responsible Canadian Energy, which charts and publicizes the industry’s efforts to become more environmentally conscious.

The organization went a step a notch in providing transparency and accountability trough having a team of independent industry experts check their findings and make recommendations for the future. These recommendations which tapped into environmental responsibility and land reclamation.

Warning! It’s important for you to know how employers are handling these issues as a student or new grad planning to enter the industry.

Taking responsibility 
CAPP recognizes the relationship between petroleum development and environmental effects such as greenhouse gas emissions, like their responsibility to develop land and deposits safely and responsibly. For instance, measures like cutting back on the practice of flaring and venting natural gas have been successful in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The industry is by now making progress in addressing environmental issues surrounding their products and is taking proposals to decrease the effects they have on local and regional water resources, air quality and land. Petroleum employers will be hiring more and more students and new grads from programs such as Environmental Science and Environmental Engineering to ensure they continue to make gains in this area as well.

Pursuing green alternatives 
There’s a strong connection between the big business of petroleum and economic well-being. Natural gas and petroleum products accounted for over 70% of Alberta’s total exports, in 2010. Nevertheless, petroleum producers aren’t content to rest on their laurels when environmentally friendly energy sources remain an unexplored area with great potential.

For instance, Suncor Energy develops oil and gas resources in both Western Canada and on the East Coast, however it has also invested in wind power. The company at this time has four wind power projects in operation and two more under construction.